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Saturday, February 2, 2013

City Council Meeting Tuesday Feb. 5th

Trenton City Council Members

Tuesday's Agenda and Docket are below for your review, note that there will be a second reading and public hearing on the TESC Project, please read Kevin Moriarty's blog post HERE before attending the meeting. This is only a Docket review, the hearing where you can speak on the ordinance and when the ordinance will be voted on by City Council is Thursday February 7th.

Also note item 1e in the Communications and Petitions section (2nd page), it appears as though the young men who were in a brawl with off duty Trenton Police Officers at a local pub are suing us as they have filed a Tort Notice. One of the young men is the son of a retired Trenton Police Officer. To read more on that incident, click HERE --- I am hoping the Times of Trenton follows up on this article written by Matt Fair and gets a copy of the lawsuit and the disposition from the IA investigation to ascertain whether charges were sustained against the officers' involved in the brawl.

Live Stream will be for Thursday's meeting, this meeting is just a Docket review.

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