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Monday, January 28, 2013

Do You Know Your ABC's? Trenton Alcohol Beverage Control Hearing.

For all of those who complain (as I do) that bars and liquor stores are seemingly on every corner in this City, get involved!

Note that one of Michael Matucheck's licenses is due to be discussed----Matucheck has owned a couple of different bars/liquor stores that has caused citizen concern.

Matucheck is famously known for having so-called civic activist Juan Martinez lobby City Council on his behalf regarding opening a Latino-themed trouble bar that they were attempting to mascaraed as a family restaurant.

Martinez was specifically asked if he had any financial interest in the bar by Council after Northward Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson surprised both men with a flier that was being circulated for the not-yet-granted-permission to open bar, the flier had scantily clad women all over it, Martinez answered "no" to the financial interest question however later found himself in legal hot water over the bar and it came out that Martinez did indeed have a financial stake in the want-to-be establishment.

Martinez is a documented liar! so, of course, their scheme to open a trouble bar was exposed and disposed of.....denied!

The Agenda for tomorrow nights meeting is below for your review, it should also be noted that the public cannot speak at these meetings (unless they are brought in as a witness) but may observe.

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