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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jim Golden Misrepresenting the Facts/ Recall Endorsement

In the video of the mayoral forum last week which is below please fast forward to 1:27:30 and witness Jim Golden misrepresent that 'no one worked harder at this table on the Recall Effort' of then Mayor Tony Mack. He stated that he was the only one at the table who "knocked on doors."

You can read an article HERE that proves Golden infact was not the only one at that table knocking on doors, so was candidate Eric Jackson, friends & supporters of Eric Jackson even invested money and time and set up a Recall Hotline, advertising it in the newspaper and conveniently bringing the petition to people who called the hotline to retrieve their signature.

Recall Endorsement

Now I have gotten wind that three of the original five members of the former Recall Committee (4 if you count Christine Ott but she no longer lives nor votes in Trenton) plan on endorsing Jim Golden for mayor.

Jim Golden couldn't even follow the Recall guidelines right, specifically the one that stated potential candidates cannot publicly announce themselves as a candidate to replace the person being Recalled until all of the petitions have been certified, meaning an election would take place. Golden announced his candidacy several weeks early, if he can't even follow a simple guideline like that, it shows that he has the same cavalier attitude as Mack by not properly following the process.

The three members of the former Recall Committee who plan on endorsing Jim Golden do not speak for the thousands who signed the recall petition and they do not speak for the hundreds of us who worked hard gathering signatures and those fueling the recall effort (Me) by busting Mack out on something foul left and right.......these three people only speak for themselves when they give that endorsement. They speak for three Trenton voters, that's it, not the entire, broad, Trenton Recall effort of then mayor Tony Mack.

Kathy McBride, who was not at that table, interfered with signature gatherers in the West Ward, her boyfriend and her called in some Mack cronies for back up which led to the police being called and charges of assault being lodged.

The only mayoral candidate who had his 2010 campaign staff working on the Recall Effort and whose supporters set up a hotline to facilitate the gathering of signatures and who did not formally announce his candidacy prematurely (followed the process correctly) was Eric Jackson.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Did Illegal Drug Sales Fuel Kathy 'Blue Waffle' McBride's 2010 At-Large Council Run?

Kathy "Blue Waffle" McBride

Below you can have a look at a 2010 ELEC filing by Trenton City Councilwoman Kathy 'Blue Waffle' McBride who is running for Mayor in the here and now of 2014.

The document reports a donation made by a Mrs. Mary Manfredo for $500.00. Manfredo is JoJo Giorgianni's main squeeze and employee and admitted felon. She just recently admitted her role in federal court as to her participation in a prescription drug ring that can only be described as a pain-killing-pill-mill operation.This pill-mill was in operation for several years.

So the question has to be asked "was Kathy 'Blue Waffle' McBride's successful campaign for Council At-Large in 2010 at least partially paid for with illegal prescription pain-killer funds? Note that the contribution was made in cash (currency box at bottom of document) is this a case of laundering drug money?

We have to ask these questions of all of our candidates, they all need to be called out onto the carpet, but especially Kathy 'Blue Waffle' McBride.

The same question can be asked about Mack's campaign funds considering JoJo contributed money to Mack's also unfortunate successful Mayoral run in 2010.

In case you are wondering how she earned the National News nickname 'Blue Waffle,' You can watch the video below and hear it for yourself or read about it in this link as well as several others, just Google 'Kathy McBride + Blue Waffle'  >>  HERE

By the way, her first year as a Councilwoman, I had a better attendance record than she did.

Below is video of Kathy 'Blue Waffle' McBride being a total bitch towards Councilwoman Holly-Ward. I have video of her attempting to kick Jim Carlucci out of a Council meeting for no reason at all, some light was shining off of his well polished noggin (she's distracted by shiny objects) and that was about it, I will release video footage of her throughout the campaign. In the video I am posting below McSnide is President of Council which we citizens (thanks to Holly-Ward) later found out, was never supposed to have happened.

Updated Highlights Reel

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Trenton Has Lost Yet Another Human Asset R.I.P. Patricia Stewart

Patricia Stewart

News of longtime Civic Activist and voice of reason Patricia Stewart's death is heartbreaking. First Dion Clark, now Pat who was just beginning her new endeavor on Trenton's first ever Ethics Board. Ahh, Pat, you will be sorely missed! My heartfelt condolences go out to her son Nick.

A video collection of some of Pat's comments before City Council are below.

R.I.P. Patricia Stewart

I Have A Longer History In Trenton Than I Thought

So Patriots Week here in Trenton reminded me that I had unfinished business with Sons 

of the American Revolution(SAR) and while digging up some documents, Census etc; I 

find a history on my Patriot Ancestor Hananiah Lincoln. 

He fought in both Battles of Trenton and the Battle in Princeton, he was one of the 

soldiers to cross the Delaware and fight the Hessian's. I know why I am 

embroiled in the Third Battle for Trenton; it's in my bloodline.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trenton Americans with Disabilities Act Committee

Trenton City Council

Thursday night, as I did Tuesday night I will be ducking the hot topic talk regarding the whole 'background' check issue and opting instead to focus on something more substantive, altruistic, and important; 13-56 an ordinance establishing a Trenton Americans with Disabilities Act Committee.

Sam Folgelgaren, a young, bright, and full of life College of New Jersey student is the brainchild behind the Committee. He is a caretaker for his brother Danny and knows all too well the obstacles that disabled people face. 

There are currently 17,000 (plus) Trentonians in the City who will benefit from this Trenton ADA Committee. Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson, who visited Project Freedom at Trent Towers during her term many times, has received more than an ear full of what obstacles disabled people face on a daily basis in her Ward so it was meant to be when Sam approached Councilwoman Caldwell-Wilson seeking her to sponsor the formation of an ADA Committee here  in Trenton. She of course has answered the call and we are two meetings away from the final adoption of the ordinance and if passed; Trenton wins.

It will be the first ADAC in Mercer County and will make a difference in the quality of life of Trenton's disabled. Mr. Wiener, an attorney at the Community Health Law Project is on board and will help the committee navigate the 51-page Act of 1990.

Please support the formation of a Trenton ADAC and if need be you can contact the Committee via email at    

12.19.13 Citi Docket

Peace Trenton

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mercer County Irish Festival Coming soon...

Well the citizens of Trenton with their famous resounding resolve and tenacity saved the 28-year-old Trenton St. Patrick's Day Parade when it was in danger of being moved and after doing so, inspired a Trenton reporter to lead an effort to start a Trenton African American Pride Festival, thus saving and keeping one treasured Trenton tradition alive and starting a long-needed new tradition that is destined to occur on a yearly basis in this town forever and is already a treasured asset to our City!

 We did it all within a one-year period of time. Kudos to my fellow Trentonians', if there is one thing I always have to remind people outside of this state its that Chris Christie isn't the only tough guy in NJ, we guys and gals, or lads and lassies in Trenton make Governor Christie look like a cute little puppy with no short, we Trentonians' kick-ass and although our murder and crime-rate may not reflect it....we stick together! The Irish Heritage Festival proceeds benefit (keep alive) the Trenton St. Patrick's Day Parade so please attend if you can. See you there!   

Peace Trenton

Monday, July 22, 2013

R.I.P Dion Clark With Video Collection

Dion Clark passed away on July 21st, 2013

I worked side by side with Dion on a couple of projects and can sincerely state that he will be missed and that Trenton lost a warrior yesterday. Below is some of his work and you can read a New York Times article about him HERE

Rest in peace Dion, we will continue the struggle!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Controversial Greenwood Ave. House Goes up In Flames...With Video

Well, you can read about it HERE and especially HERE both stories derive from when The Times of Trenton wrote about the house right across the street from where I live back in early June, reporting that tenants were left without power because the landlord did not pay the power bill.

Later the landlord reported being assaulted by a tenant ....who was forced to leave the house by Trenton City Inspectors the day before (because the house had no power) ....while the landlord was following orders from the City to board up the entire house.

Neighbors say a few homeless have taken the board off the back door of the home to gain entry. Some at the fire speculated the owner burned the house down for the insurance money, nothing brings the neighborhood and the rumor mill out in force like a good old fashion house fire does. The fire started shortly after 10 p.m. There are 'traffic cameras' at the intersection so if a human caused the fire maybe there is video evidence of that occurring.

The fire also caused damage to the unattached house next to it on the 600 block of Greenwood Ave and at least one firefighter was seen leaving on a gurney and being given oxygen by paramedics.

Around 1 a.m. while police and fire were still on the scene a house party being thrown a few doors down on Chestnut Ave. ended in a riot in the street involving at least 30-people and several fistfights before police with canines broke it up. Police and fire inspectors were still on the scene as of 3 a.m.

Some video of the fire is below.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Coverage of Hostage Situation In South Trenton NJ With Video of Shaheed Morris Reporting On Scene

Well, lately I have been in a rut, I all but abandoned covering news stories and investigating and opting instead to just perform community service covering City Council meetings and concentrating on school. I have had my nose in books studying Journalism and forgot about the adrenaline of being on the scene covering a story, I basically have just kind of been in a 'blah' type of mood for several month's.

Then a positive friend (my definition of a positive friend is one who doesn't call me asking if I want to go out for a drink or otherwise distracting me from the positive path I am desperately trying to put myself on, so as to avoid future mental breakdowns) Shaheed Morris who I met and worked with on Eric Jackson's 2010 mayoral campaign and who is also a Journalism student at Thomas Edison State College called me and asked if I would help him cover the story. He is going into video news correspondence while I am going into print media, so his theory was to collaborate and gain experience together and thats exactly what we did.

As we arrived on scene near 250 Grand St. I immediately felt the adrenaline rush and started calling my sources, we found that the deceased African-American woman named Carmelita Stevens, 44, and her five children just moved here to Trenton NJ from Florida only five months ago and that the murderer/hostage taker was just released from jail a few days ago.

Quick sidebar while working my sources I was also told that a man in West Trenton fatally shot himself in the head right in front of two police officers yesterday, thankfully he did not attempt to take the two officers with him. "It's been a hectic and emotionally draining couple of days for us (TPD) both officers are off on mandatory stress leave," the confidential police source relayed. Couple of days? Life as a police officer in the City of Trenton NJ has been hard for a long time, in my opinion.

Back to the hostage scene: We found Chief of Staff SGT Adrian Mendez and Director Ralph Rivera working the scene, they must have some really good shoes because I saw them as I was walking the several block radius everywhere. I didn't bother asking for a comment, I already knew the reply I would get and understand why they can't comment.

At the Skelton Library/Learning Center at 943 S. Broad St. we found hot food, cots, and other refreshments for those evacuated from their homes, we also found Business Administrator Sam Hutchinson who looked sleep deprived as did other City personnel. The BA relayed that they are doing what they can for those displaced and the Church across the street was offering help with overflow if needed. He reported that a food truck is on scene and two porta potties are on the way.

An estimated 500-people were out and about surrounding the radius of police activity, many had outlandish stories like "He cut off one of the kids arms and threw it out at the police and the child bled to death" and "two bodies were already taken from the house" << none of which was substantiated by my very reliable law enforcement sources. The New Jersey State Police is heading the investigation although the FBI is on scene assisting in negotiations, reports of food being delivered by police to the hostages were substantiated.

The current Indicted Occupant of the Mayor's office was nowhere to be found.

You can look forward to Shaheed Morris and I collaborating more often in the future and thank you Shaheed for 'lighting that fire' inside of me again.

Check back for more updates as they come in.

Edited: 05/11/2013 10:56pm

Friday, May 10, 2013

Making A Difference, Together; Not Just A Campaign Slogan

Eric Jackson

Last night I attended the official announcement ceremony for Eric Jackson's Mayoral candidacy and as always was impressed with Mr. Jackson's message, a message far different from Mayor Mack's campaign promise of "getting more Black's into City Hall," a sentiment At-Large Councilwoman Kathy McBride also echoed. Anyone who doesn't think that statement is bias and prejudice and just plain wrong.... needs a reality check.

I have always said that the best part about living in Trenton is that you can take a bus for $1.70 and figuratively take a trip around the world if you bother to speak and hold a conversation with the people sitting next to you. We live in a very diverse community and literally represent what the United States is all about; coming from afar, being different but living together, free, as one race, the human race. Our City has the opportunity to become one that other cities model themselves after and aspire to become more like, if and only if we can work together to bring this City back from the brink.

Unlike Mack, Jackson is well aware that the future of Trenton doesn't rest on one person's shoulders rather, it rests on us all. 'United we stand, divided we fall' is not just a pledge, it's the truth! And Jackson's campaign slogan 'Making A Difference, Together' is not just a slogan; it is the answer. Jackson won't be communicating with his Police Director (hopefully he keeps Director Rivera) through a door by passing notes under it. Jackson will not suppress the voices of those who wish to be heard and offer an opinion. Jackson recognises that Trenton's greatest asset is it's citizens.

A unified approach is the only approach, any other strategy will have the same outcome as the Mack administration's. We the people, want a seat at the table, we the people have something to offer and we the people....will not be ignored. 

I know all too well how it feels to be treated different based on the color of your skin, my growing up in a predominantly African-American Wilbur Section can be compared to an African-American kid growing up in a predominately White Suburb. I absolutely deplore the feeling, so much so that at the age of 17 I formed a hip-hop group with City resident DJ Juice named 'Equality,' our concept was a White rapper and Black DJ making music that preached racial harmony and that we could move mountains together or climb over them divided. 

In the last Trenton mayoral election in 2010 I met other candidates beside Mack that treated me different (gave me that know the look) like John Harmon who was seated next to me at the Eric B & Rakim concert with Senator Shirley Turner. As soon as he saw me he gave me the look, the 'this White boy must be a cop' look, I know that look all too well, on the streets of Trenton a White boy like me is either a cop or drug buyer, we are stereotyped too in case you didn't know. Mr. Harmon made me so uncomfortable that I waited until after he left Senator Turner's side to approach her and thank her for saving the concert the NJSP wanted to shut down. I can name others as well as council candidates but I think you get my point. BTW Jim Golden was John Harmon's campaign manager.

When my good friend Andrew Bobbitt introduced me to Eric Jackson at a Church Fundraiser in 2009 I knew from the moment I shook his hand that he was the one, he was going to be the one to take the helm from Palmer and navigate Trenton into a better future. From the way that he embraced me I could instantly tell that there wasn't a bias bone in his body, he didn't see me as 'some White boy,' he saw me as a human being that cared deeply -as he does- for my community and the direction it was heading. I worked on his campaign in all sorts of ways, even performing Spoken Word at one of his fundraisers and I rarely perform my poetry. I was also one of the campaign workers chosen to count votes and we all know how that ended; three votes shy of a run-off election with Mack which Jackson would have won.

So now we know what happens when we don't register to vote or worse; are registered to vote but don't. We have learned that unlike a Presidential Election where the electorate vote trumps popular in Trenton....the popular vote is the law of the land and absolutely every single vote is crucial....just an FYI. Many human beings have given their lives in the name of suffrage rights yet some people reading this post are Googling the word 'suffrage' right now. WAKE UP! Register to vote and actually vote! Your vote counts!

As I have stated before and I will state again - the third battle for Trenton has begun, it started right under our noses and we citizens have become soldiers - And the most valuable weapon in our arsenal is not the cannon's used in the first two Battles of Trenton or even the element of surprise and trickery, no, our most powerful weapon in the battle to save Trenton in today's day and age is our power to vote. I will work on Eric Jackson's campaign a second time with faith that my fellow Trentonians, my brothers and sisters at arms, won't get it wrong twice in a row. 

Peace Trenton