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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Video of Trenton Police Tackling Me After Helping a Woman Who Was Being Beaten

Below is the long awaited video depicting the unjust end of an incident that occurred on May 2nd, 2010 in the Chambersburg section of Trenton. Three years later I have finally been given permission to introduce this video to the public domain. After being violently tackled, falsely arrested and detained and maliciously prosecuted after stopping my car to help a woman being beaten by her ex (a Trenton Water Works employee named Jose Cotto who is also a convicted felon who served time for illegal possession of a gun), the fake charges against me were dropped in the Interest of Justice and I filed a lawsuit.

As I have stated time and time again, I was tackled by police on May 2nd while waiting to give my personal information to a police officer. The officers corresponding police reports state that I "fell on my own accord while backing away from them to avoid arrest" although I was never charged with resisting arrest. They claimed that they didn't touch me or facilitate my fall in any way.

You may need to play the video on a big screen or enhance it in order to see it crisp and clear (I am the guy in the yellow shirt) but even in this rough version you can see me clearly throw my hands in the air (which is a universal sign of surrender) while backing away to prolong the impact of the impending tackle yelling "I'm a witness" "I'm a witness" two times before being tackled like I was the guy with the football.

 I have only been given permission to release the video and not the police reports. There is a Confidentiality Order imposed by the federal judge in this case and I intend to respect that order.

The outside lawyers the City of Trenton has hired (the same ones they hired to defend them against the OPRA lawsuit Jim Carlucci and myself brought against the City and won) are defending the officers actions and in my opinion this is why Trenton needs more in-house lawyers.

I am not going to file an Open Public Records Act request for the law firms legal bills thus far, I will wait until after the disposition of this case to do so, as to not appear to be a bully, but if your curiosity compels you to file your own OPRA request via the Trenton City Clerk's office regarding their legal bills then... so be it.

Please feel free to leave your comments on this matter and if you are able to enhance (not alter) the video because you are a wiz at that type of thing feel free to send me the video.

If you are one of the people on this video witnessing this incident please contact me or my attorney Patrick Whalen whose contact information is to the right of this post.

There is a lot more to this case that I cannot reveal yet but I will as soon as the judge allows it, stay tuned.

Good Samaritan Federal Civil Rights Complaint (1) by Robert Chilson


  1. Why were you not allowed to release this video and why can you not release more information? Thank you for being a good Samaritan! We need more of what you did and a lot less of this behavior by the LEO.

  2. The judge in the criminal case imposed a gag order, now the federal judge has imposed a Confidentiality Order. I can reveal what my lawyer gives me permission to. Thank you for your comment.