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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Helene P'Simer

I know that it seems as if my blog has become a 'tribute blog' to those people in our community who were really making a difference in our community and have now passed. But,

I have been busy writing something else and I am not as 'in the know' as I used to be, which is good because I have plenty to write about as it is. However, I cannot in good conscience have video of someone in the moment of "contributing their verse," Walt Whitman.... and not share it.

I was there when Helene received a resolution honoring her deceased husband Jimmy P'Simer posthumously just as they were there when I was 12-years-old and provided me with strong positive role models. God bless them both who are now united in spirit.

Helenes Obituary can be found HERE

Helene's husband was also the St. Patricks Day Parade Grand Marshal in 2012 (Jimmy P'Simer was the organizer of the parade since its inception) which is another honor she gracefully accepted posthumously. 5-years-ago when I put up fliers at the Pubs calling on a new parade committee to be formed and we held our first meeting, Helene was there with check in-hand and worked successfully to save the parade, the one we all marched in for the first time 30-years-ago together. It is a memory of a moment that will always be ingrained in my heart.

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die." Thomas Campbell

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