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Thursday, February 7, 2013

City Council Agenda February 7th 2013....UPDATED

Due to spotty Wi-Fi expected tonight because of the Nor'easter on the way, I will not be live-streaming, below is the email TESC sent to me. Since I may not make the meeting at all, I will simply respond to the email below here and now....I do not support this project, please read the comments I was going to deliver personally during the public hearing on the matter tonight, it is below the TESC email.

On January 30th a forum was held to discuss the project and at the time Dr. Pruitt from TESC stated he was "surprised and overwhelmed by the unsolicited support the project is receiving," he failed to mention all of the soliciting that TESC has been doing.

TESC sent me an email asking if I would consider advocating for the project. As a TESC student I feel it is a conflict of interest for them to have sent me this email considering they are in control of my grades and overall GPA.


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