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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mercer County Community College Student Discovers Our Personal Information Is Available Through The Local Network While On a Computer In The School's Computer Lab/Library

Are these people serious? A student......a student.....was able to access other student's personal information such as social security numbers, date of birth and in their own written words below "other information."

The student did the right thing and brought it to the attention of the proper people but which students discovered this and did not tell and may have nefarious intentions? 

A student.....a student had to bring this to their attention! What morons do we have in place at that school guarding our information? The answer: Plenty!

I am getting frigging tired of this crap, my personal information was also on the laptop's stolen from the Pentagon a few years back.

HEY...HEY...Federal Government, College President's....if you can't protect the info you enter into a computer, then don't enter it at all; go back to using paper files or something. Frigging idiots!

Patricia Donahue should resign as President of the college over this....and as for sending this B.S. "don't worry everything will be okay" crap of a letter to explain their incompetence; Crumple it up and it and Shove it up your ass.

To the identity thieves out there: If you steal my identity I hope you take on my debt too; good luck with that.

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