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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

City Council Live-Streaming may be Revived but not Tonight.

Trenton City Council

I will be asking Council members to intervene between the City Clerk and I over whether I may plug into the City Clerk's audio mixer to get better sound quality.

I am hoping that it goes well and I am back live-streaming by the next meeting.

As for tonight's meeting I am going to try to attend and speak about not only my audio issue during public comment but also about the resolution The Majority For A Better Trenton intends to introduce that basically asks City Council to send a Vote of NO CONFIDENCE message to the Mayor and asking him to resign.

I strongly encourage my fellow proud Trentonians to attend tonight's meeting and support this resolution.

To learn more and/or JOIN The Majority For A Better Trenton just look to the right of this post, click their picture and it will take you to their website.

The group is not a partisan group, they are strictly about POLICY, not politics. They aim to change the policies that have been failing in Trenton and replacing them with policies that will benefit Trenton.

It only costs $15....c-mon Trentonians, $15 membership fee to a non-profit organization that is trying to bring about REAL change in City Hall that will make our City a better place to live? 

You can afford it! 

Please join, there is power in numbers and the group can use all the new members it can get.

Peace Trenton.

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