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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sorry Mr. Glickman, try again, there are no time-sheets for Vaughn

John Vaughn Pay Stub 3

So Trenton labor attorney Steve Glickman knows, because he is a labor attorney.....that hourly employees need to fill out time-sheets.

In the above letter, some other idiot attorney states "that there are no time-sheets kept for either Tallone or Vaughn," when responding to OPRA requests (the lack of a response to said OPRA's" submitted by both Jim Carluuci and myself.)

Hey Steve Glickman, try gain. I'm waiting.

UPDATE: Just saw the video below. 2:38 seconds in, Glickman says that there are time-sheets for Vaughn....huh? Either they lied to Judge Feinberg, Jim Carlucci, George Dougherty and myself when they responded to a court order for the time-sheets.


They just wrote these time-sheets for Vaughn that Glickman (in the video below) says he has.

If the City actually produces time-sheets for Vaughn, then this should end up back in Judge Feinberg's courtroom because the city violated OPRA law and her order to turn over those time-sheets to Jim, George and myself.

Below Mack acts like he doesn't know my name lol

Mack acting like he doesn't know my name 1:18 seconds in, and of course my mental health incident comes up. Schizophrenia is either a curse or a gift that keeps on giving, the jury is still out on that one.

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