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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: !! Maria Richardson confirms illegal activity between Kris D Remodeling and Harold Hall and More!

Well as this naked, schizophrenic with no credibility has been saying for month's now, Harold Hall and Tony Mack are corrupt, so are several of their underlings.

The DCA confirmed that they suggested (acting on my research) to Mack that Hall be demoted or fired because they were troubled by what appear to be "doctored time-cards in the Park's department."

Nate Jones is no longer at the municipal court helm. etc etc, I can go on and on about the things I have been right about even though as Juan Martinez says "I have no credibility."

To that I say to Juan "look who's talking?" lol

Anyway, here is more of my research and dogged investigative efforts and accusations being confirmed.

Kris D Remodeling built a Pump House at a city park for $35,000 without permission from city council, Hall by-passed council by splintering the job into three purchase orders.

That's not all, the wheelchair ramp, and the resealing of the Atrium glass at City Hall, (also work performed by Kris D at Hall's request and as an "emergency,") was done without city council approval.

In the case of the wheelchair ramp, the purchase orders were splintered into two separate purchase orders and a lower bid by a West Trenton company was denied by Hall for being "too low."

And all this work was performed as Kris D's (according to the New Jersey Department of Revenue) business license was revoked by the state.

This is just the beginning, wait until the indictments are handed down. Then we will see if naked schizophrenics are capable of maintaining credibility while also dealing with a serious mental defect.

Schizophrenia does not equal "crazy" nor should the words of schizophrenics be treated as not true!

Press Release by Dougherty Representing Maria Richardson

This is a 45-page document but trust me, it is an eye-opener, crack a beer, heat up a tea pot, get comfy and read the document below in it's entirety!
Complete Description of Maria Richardson's Lawsuit Against Mack and Hall

Below a lawyer for the city says that there are no time-sheets in existence for Johnnie Vaughn and David Tallone, it also states that the investigation into -- where the Heritage Day profits are? still under investigation.

The Heritage Days profits are in the same pockets of the thieves who stole 'Boat Ramp Fee's" from the City.
John Vaughn Pay Stub 3

Below is a complete list, as of a few month's ago, as to who is being paid out of Trenton Water Works funds. As you can see there are several employees on this list who are assigned to Recreation or the Mayors Office and who should not be paid out of Trenton Water Works funds.

Hamilton, Ewing, Hopewell, Lawrence.....this involves you guys too, if you pay your water bill, you should be just as outraged as we Trentonians are by this corruption.

You will notice that 15% of Lauren Ira's salary comes from TWW funds. Why?

She has not been seen at City Hall for weeks, she is rumored to be hiding a pregnancy which is why she is trying to avoid being seen in public. The father of the baby is a mystery (ahem--me coughing sarcastically.)

Trenton Workers Paid From Trenton Water Works Funds

The pictures below are of the very small $35,000 pump house building.

Pump HOuse Pic Scans


  1. But Nate Jones is on on the payroll, working as a lawyer for the city!!

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