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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Final Push for Signatures Underway

Well after some well established acrimony at the Harvest Festival and Heritage Days with Mack supporters and cops being called...... and me taking the "" I am going to just walk away, go home and take a double dose of my medications"" road ...<< A road less traveled in my life, I usually stand and fight but after confrontation after confrontation.....I just said "fuck it!" and walked away.

I know I am the Joe Biden of blogging and cuss too much but as a writer, I find it impossible not to inject my emotions into my writing.

There were no cuss words flying at today's Recall assignment at the Trent Towers Polling Station in Trenton today usual.....a Mack supporter called Johnny Law on us, claiming, or I should write "accusing" me of not being 100-feet from the polling entrance.

The Mercer County Sheriff's department without having to visually measure the distance twice ordered the Mack supporter (the president of the East Building Tenant Association) to stop harassing us.

Rather than elaborate on all the boring details of that "normal encounter" with Mack supporters, I would rather write about the abnormal (abnormal meaning: I'm not used to it or didn't know it existed) response from the Recall Committee and Supporters.

Since this Recall began, I focused on the target of the Recall, not the legwork of collecting signatures and such.

I focused more people a reason to sign the petition rather than asking someone to actually, physically sign the petition.

I was under the assumption that we "Recallers" were just a loose-knit band of fed-up citizens who were working within their own personal circles rather than as a "Band of brothers and Sisters." felt like I was part of the FBI or SEAL Team Six.....or something.....I felt like I belonged to something, a brother and sisterhood not to be messed with.

With one phone call to Dave Ponton:

Tracey Syphax was on the scene with a 100-foot measuring tape within minutes.

Jim Golden rolled in the parking lot like a Lieutenant.

Craig Shofed rolled in with a letter issued from the Mercer County Election's Office.

Dave Ponton rolled in with "uh ah, not today...kind of look on his face."

They ALL arrived before the cops did and were on POINT.

They backed me up.

And handled the situation with the most efficient professionalism I have ever witnessed.

They rolled in like a posse or like an --undercover cops back-up-- and had the matter resolved within 15-minutes without one voice being raised.

It was rejuvenating and I felt like I was indeed on the right side of this issue---not that I ever doubted it---but this Recall Effort has absorbed personal lives, caused mental-breakdowns, caused racial epithets to fly and with that said....has caused criminal charges to be filed.

It has been a beating, but after what I witnessed from the Recall leaders today, even if we don't gain all of the needed signatures, it was all worth it.

I am honored to have ventured into this seemingly impossible undertaking with all of my brothers and sisters, no matter what the outcome.

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