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Monday, October 24, 2011

Tony Mack's Mill Hill Town Hall Meeting Report

You can watch the entire meeting following this link Tony Mack's Mill Hill Town Hall Meeting

You will notice that I cut the live-stream about 10-minutes prematurely, that's because -- as soon as Megan's Law Offender, who calls himself a community activist and acts as Mercer County's Tea Party leader ---Daryl Brooks stood up to speak, I just couldn't bring myself to subject my viewers to his rhetoric.

Believe me, I did you a favor! Besides I wanted to get home and write my post before midnight at least.

First let me say that I am a big fan of Dr. Joseph Rubino. Dr. Rubino is the Acting Director of Health and Human Services and every time I have ever had an encounter (at council meetings etc etc.) with Dr. Rubino, he has been nothing less than a gentleman.

I also like Acting Law Director Walter Denson (who I have seen at community fundraisers) and Acting Inspections Director Cleveland Thompson. Both men appear to be professional and straight shooters.

Acting Director Armitage needs to speak with more confidence and conviction but I trust him.

All the other directors, acting or not, are of questionable character and can go to hell. Speaking of hell, Harold Hall was on vacation in his $90,000 brand spanking new BMW and did not attend the meeting, neither did the ---rumored to be pregnant----Lauren Ira.

The highlight of the evening in my book or I should say, the common theme was that during the entire meeting everyone but Mack tried to answer all of the questions being asked to Mack.

JoJo (the child rapist_ and the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life, eww) Giorgianni was feeding Mack answers from the front row of the Mill Hill Playhouse (home to Passage Theater) all night.

Juan Martinez had the gull to write an answer or some sort of information on a piece of paper and actually walk up on stage and hand it to Mack. Mack then read it and put it in his pocket.

Other participants, who were not Mill Hill residents and who were mostly city workers and a Roberto Mendez friend and former Trenton police officer SRGT Valero stood up and answered questions that were asked by Mill Hill Mack.

Young and up and coming -anything he wants to do with his life- Shaheed Morris asked the Mayor why he sent out a memo to City employees today stating that their jobs may be at risk if they did not attend the Town Hall meeting in Mill Hill tonight?

The Mayor deflected the question and Morris was distracted by another person answering questions for Mack, Grace (I can't think of her last name at the moment) --she's a part-time Park Ranger who worked with Roberto Mendez at Junior #4.

The common theme was --- REAL Mill Hill residents (the majority in attendance) asked hard questions and Mack and all of his cronies gave soft answers.

Mack also stated that the newspapers in Trenton are the ones making him look bad, to which someone replied "they are using your own comments."

Another point was the DCA ...who....released the quote......"we are very troubled by what appear to be altered time-cards in the Parks department."

Mack stated that he was going to save $500,000 next year by bringing Trenton's IT needs, in-house, and that it would cost only $180,000 to do so.


It is only going to cost $180,000 to hire full time qualified employees to handle Trenton's IT needs? Medical benefits, pensions and all?


Mack also stated that he doesn't know his Part-time Park Rangers earn over-time. Bullshit! Roberto Mendez is a Part-time Park Ranger (according to Civil Service) and he rakes-in hundreds of hours of over-time, and Mack damn sure is aware of it!

Tracey Syphax asked a fair question of Mack..."will you now publicly admit that I never shook you down and I never asked you for anything?"

Mack replied " I don't know the details" and also denied kicking Tracey out of his office. I believe Tracey over Mack here.

Another accusation Mack kept re-asserting as he has been doing throughout the Recall effort is that everyone behind the Recall effort has asked him for something, like a job or contract, which is why Dan Dodson, myself and several other Recall supporters started their questions with "to be clear, I have never asked you for anything, have I?"

Dan Dodson asked the mayor about his "end game" and Dodson wasn't talking about sports. Mack had no reply to an "end game" for revitalizing or fixing Trenton's budget, all Mack was armed with is hand-outs (grants) we might receive for this or might receive for that.

While Anthony "I am not qualified to evaluate any bids" Roberts was trying to explain away the whole IT issue, Dodson asked "can I ask a question about that?" (or at least I think it was Dan) and Mack responded "No you can't" and when the crowd protested, specifically Michael Walker, Mack said to Walker "if you interrupt again, you will have to be removed" to which the entire Mill Hill crowd yelled back in unison "No, he won't!"


Mack is an utter and complete imbecile.

Sparks started flying when Mack told me to Maintain myself after I shouted out "let Mack answer the questions!" as Velero kept standing up and answering questions being asked by David Ponton of Mayor Mack, specifically, "why Mack did not respond to the intimidation issued by Bailey, Washington and Mack's brother Ralphael Mack?"

After Mack said "Maintain yourself Rob" I replied "Yea I'll maintain something!" and that's when a man in the audience who is a Mack supporter said "what? oh it will never be like that" and wanted to physically fight me, but as "Hope" << Which is the man's name, should know by now, I DON'T BACK DOWN! so I argued with him and then Captain Armitage stepped to my side and whispered "this isn't helping, let's calm down" to which I replied..."Tell Hope the same thing."

But before Captain and Acting Police Director Armitage could get to the young man named Hope, Darren Freedom Green had already calmed him down. Thanks Darren, I don't like to fight, but I am from Wilbur Section and have no problem nor fear throwing the hands......with that said, I am a 38-year-old man and should never let an argument escalate to violence and I appreciate you stepping in Darren! Thanks.

Mack also got testy with Michael Walker who,... as always, brought up some valid points that couldn't be comprehended by Mack's small amount of intellect.

David Ponton's grilling led to some stuttering by Mack and used-to-be-a-cop Valero tried to tell David that it was a "personnel" issue and Mack can't

After challenging Mack and Verlaro's answers, Mack told Walker to "sit down", that his time was up and a Park ranger said "you only get two-minutes to ask questions."

At Mack's last town hall meeting he told a woman to "be quiet".....Mack obviously treats Trenton's residents like he treats the City of Trenton; shit!

I have an hour's worth of Flipcam footage which offers better audio, it will take a couple of hours to upload them to Youtube and then embed them into this post. It's Midnight now, so I will do it first thing in the morning.

For now you can watch the Ustream video of the nearly three-hour meeting by clicking the link at the top of this post or by simply clicking the video below.


  1. Going in house with IT? Because the current IT company just submitted the lowest and most reliable bid? Judge Feinberg is going to love seeing this!!!

  2. Hey Robert. When is the next Town Hall meeting? I can't remember where I found the list. BUt I do remember NOT seeing one for the Villa Park area. I could be wrong on that. Sounds like it was an interesting night. Wondering if you were considering sending this video to a news agency?

  3. Any news agency can have the video, I don't reach out to them though, but if you would like to send the link to WZBN or whomever, please feel free.