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Monday, October 24, 2011

Live stream of Mack's Town Hall Meeting tonight at 7pm

Tune in here at 7pm to watch Mayor Mack's Town Hall Meeting tonight at the Mill Hill Playhouse.

Special thanks to Jim Carlucci for forwarding the letter from the DCA explaining the change in the MOU regarding the hiring and FIRING of Department heads and directors. The letter is at the bottom of this post.

In The Trentonian comments section you will read people writing that the DCA bowed down to Mack, on the contrary, the DCA just took more power from Mack because now Mack has to get the DCA's approval to fire someone ----like someone in the previous Law Director's position.

Get it?

This compromise doesn't benefit Mack at all, the DCA still picks the applicant, Mack only gets a week to approve it etc etc.
Letter From DCA

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