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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anthony Roberts says Mercer Prosecutor Confided in Him....other videos

Anthony Roberts says Boccini confided in him that one of Mack's judge choices should not have been turned away by Trenton City Council and Mack says City Council is to blame for the revolving door of Director's.

Mayor Mack threatens to have a person who wanted to ask a question removed from Mill Hill Town Hall meeting.

Captain Armitage blows smoke up our ass by stating that "the crime rate is down 1% since last year and that there has been no reduction in services."

Michael Walker takes a stand against drug dealers:

Mayor Mack and Captain Armitage answers a question by Tracey Syphax while being handed a note from "tighty Whitie" "lies to City Council" Juan Martinez. Shaheed Morris also states towards the end of the video "I see all of the city employees got the memo to attend tonight's meeting or they will be fired." LOL

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