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Monday, September 26, 2011

Anonymous Cop leaves message, "they know who the rats are."

Dude, you really are an idiot aren't you? How was the visit to IA? Too bad they wouldn't let your dumb ass into see the video. Had a nice laugh with your boy Patrick W. He thinks you're an idiot too.

Hey just a helpful hint. Next time you decide to off yourself, put the barrel in your mouth. Works every time! Shame you can't even do that right.

We know who the rats are. We like to talk in front of them, so they bring bad info back to you. AM and MM ring any bells?

So go ahead and make an ass of yourself, yet again. Go back and read the ordinance more carefully this time. Huge loophole your too stupid to see. Who do you think wrote it?

In the end your just some sick person that is less and less important every day. Most people ignore you as a madman. Every time you try and fail, we all have a good laugh.

Oh and another thing,your pal really isn't as good with the IP's as he'd have you believe. He's wrong pretty much all the time. But if that's what you want to believe, go ahead.

Oh, one more thing. I don't think your going to be blogging too much longer. It's been fun while it lasted, though hasn't it? 

Robert Chilson's response: I will never commit suicide, you want me dead? Do it yourself, stop being lazy.....also if "AM" is Adrian Mendez, I have not seen or talked to him for nearly a year, your wrong. Also, considering this message was left on the "question for LT. DeHart" post, it's not a leap to assume that the author of this message is indeed LT. DeHart, AKA DeVoid of Heart.


  1. And people think I am delusional? Granted I can be delusional but, in this case, like I have been saying for awhile now.

    Certain Trenton police officers are harassing me.

  2. yo bro i like the blog u doin its ur fam from tinychat keep it real nem love u

  3. bino bro i was always an admirer