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Friday, September 23, 2011

Anthony Roberts named new Acting Business Administrator...LOL

City of Trenton Administration Names Acting Business Administrator
TRENTON-The City of Trenton administration named Anthony Roberts as Acting Business Administrator to replace Eric Berry who resigned from his position at the close of business Friday, September 23. Mr. Berry served the City of Trenton with diligence excellence and distinction. The administration remains grateful for his service.


  1. As I've said before, Mack has balls the size of watermellons and the brain the size of a pea. As usual, Ira can't punctuate her way out of a paper bag.

  2. One fast mention here. The Trenton IT contract still has not been awarded and Mr Berry was the sole person who was evaluating the only 2 bids that came back on August 17t. I wonder what will happen now Robert.

  3. Already warned my lawyer George Dougherty about the IT bids, I have been following along prepared to strike but I wanted to give Berry a chance to do the right thing.

    We are on top of it.

  4. another BA well well well. This is not going to work. No support anywhere in or out of that room