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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jim Carlucci Takes A Stand For ALL of Us, Yet Again

The following is a note that City Activist and all around great guy Jim Carlucci sent to the mayor; God bless you Jim!

Note is below this line ****************************

September 28, 2011
Tony Mack
City Hall
Trenton , NJ

Dear Mayor Mack:

Your decision to have the police department disband the Vice and TAC units just so you can make good on your promise to increase foot patrols is ill advised and dangerous.

While your vanity may be rewarded so you can say “Look what I did!” you are putting the Trenton community at risk.

Who is going to handle and research the calls about drug dealing that plague pockets of the city?

Who is going to look into the problem bars around town?

Who is going to investigate gang activity and confiscate caches of illegal guns?

Mayor Mack, you have made some very poor decisions in the almost 15 months you’ve been in office but this is surely the worst to date.  Further, who is acting BA Roberts to issue such an order? He is not the police director nor is he a sworn officer.

I respectfully but unequivocally ask that you rescind this horrendous action and let the professionals make the policing decisions.


Jim Carlucci

Former Chair, South CPAC
Board Member, Crime Stoppers of Greater Trenton

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