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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

City Councilwoman Kathy McBride says Trenton has serious epidemic of 'Blue Waffle Disease.'

City Councilwoman Kathy McBride

To my shock and amazement City Councilwoman Kathy McBride fell for a serious April Fool's joke as she announced during the Civic Comment portion of the meeting that "I received a call about a serious epidemic that is spreading and that one Trenton resident has now, it's called Blue Waffle Disease." For those of you who are not up on Urban slang, 'Blue Waffle' is what we men say about a woman who has a dirty vagina. It's a complete Urban Legend, it's just a slang term.

McBride made Sam Hutchinson come to the podium and asked him to have the Health Director look into the wasn't the only person who immediately knew that someone was playing a joke on her but how could we help? The words were already out of her mouth. If Kathy McBride is considering a Mayor run she might want to learn how to use Google first.

In other City Council news, City Council President Holly-Ward suggested that the Council vote on the Docket tonight so as to cancel the need for a meeting Thursday, that motion passed and so did the Docket minus 13-147 and 13-150 which were pulled. You can review what passed and what was pulled in the post below this one. Also passed was the second readings of the ordinances on the Agenda.

The next meeting will be April 16th, I will be live streaming the meeting at 5:30 sharp. There were four public comments that mostly had to do with Director Rivera, one man's complaint is that the TPD website has not been updated with Rivera's information because it still has Juniak's info posted on it. He said our TPD website was an embarrassment, huh? Is this guy serious? I am not going to go into all that was wrong with his statement but Rivera was in attendance and who knows, maybe Rivera will start up the 'Directors Blog' again.

Throughout the meeting the notorious Daryl Brooks (self proclaimed Civic Activist that is better known for being a sex offender and Mack supporter) was antagonizing me throughout the meeting and as I was leaving City Hall. He used the terms "faggot who likes to take it up the ass" "go get some cupcakes" and a couple of other remarks. Mr. Brooks would find his time better spent promoting his Audio Book rather than coming to City Council meetings to antagonize me, from what I heard he hasn't sold one copy. Just saying....

There is a story up on the Trentonian newspaper website referring to the 'blue waffle' incident, I am the guy who came up to her and told her someone played a joke on her, you can read the story HERE

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