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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Operation 'Get Their Attention' Goes Into Effect Monday December 17th 10AM-1PM

On Monday residents of Trenton will gather in front of the Statehouse at 10AM to get the attention of the Governor and Assembly which is holding a meeting there between 11AM-1PM.

"We are going to be passing out fliers to Assembly members and bring all of the attention we can to the violence going on in Trenton right now" stated one of the organizers Andrew Bobbitt. The group of Trentonians will have a list of ten demands they want from our elected officials one of the demands is for the badly needed repairs to Trenton Central High School.

After the Assembly meeting inside the Statehouse, Trenton's elected representatives will be making a statement to the crowd shortly after 1PM.

If you are able to be there, please do. We have to get the attention of the state off of Mack and onto the citizens of Trenton who are under siege by Urban Terrorists.

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