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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mack Says "The Press Can Not Attend His Public "Ask The Mayor" Meetings In A Public Building .'

Once again our infamous mayor shows a total disregard for the law by excluding the press from a public meeting in a public building. His press release which was sent by Mack lackie Paul Harris is below.

From: "Paul Harris" <>

Date: December 10, 2012 11:40:02 AM EST

Subject: 'Ask the Mayor' (Updated)

Our next 'Ask the 

Mayor' community meeting will take place tomorrow, 12/11/12 @ 10:30AM in 

the Mayor's Conference Room on the 2nd Floor of City Hall. ‘Ask the Mayor’ is 

an opportunity for members of our community to share their concerns and 

ideas, as it relates to the City of Trenton, with Mayor Tony F. Mack. This 

meeting will be closed to members of the press.

So ask the mayor any question you want just as long as you don't have a press 


Also Governor Christie finally got around to ASKING THE MAYOR TO STEP 



  1. I moved from Trenton early this year but how in the hell is it that Mack is still in office? I mean, his dealings with the FBI have been national news. I've heard about Mack on the local news in Maryland FFS! Does he really think that he can just continue to show up to work everyday and the FBI will eventually disappear? If he really cared anything about Trenton, he would step the f*ck down! Sticking around isn't doing anything except leaving the local government crippled. Ridiculous!