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Monday, October 15, 2012

City Council President Calls Mayor Mack Out On The Carpet!

Go to Live Stream HERE

Phyllis Holly-Ward FaceBook Page

Above is the link to City Council President Phyllis Holly-Ward's Facebook page where she announced today that she is calling Mayor Mack out on the carpet. She states that she will be doing a "Trenton Truth" post every Monday from here on out, both actions is something Kathy McSnide would never have the heart to do.

The City Council meeting starts at 5:30pm sharp on Tuesday night, the Agenda and Docket is below. I will be live-streaming the meeting, the link to the live-stream is to the top right of this page and I will also post a link here tomorrow as soon as the stream begins.

For those of you who can not access Holly-Ward's Facebook statement; I copied and pasted it below the Agenda & Docket.

City Council Docket 10-16-2012

Welcome to the TRENTON TRUTH! Post#1----Mayor Mack has been requested 

by City Council to come 
for a Public 
Meeting (not private) tomorrow 10/16/12 

at 5:30pm at City Hall in the city council chambers. This will be the Mayor's first 

public appearance since his arrest to answer candid questions from Council 

about his l
eadership and the 
state of Trenton. The public is invited and 

encouraged to attend this very important meeting! Please feel free to post 

inbox me your 
questions and/or 
concerns you would like us to address to 

Mayor Mack.

**The TRENTON TRUTH is a reality FB posting by Councilwoman Phyllis Holly-
Ward, the post will keep 
you informed 
every Monday with a positive truth 
happening in and/or about 

Trenton NJ. Can you handle the truth? 

Stay tuned**

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