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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mack's First Appearance Before City Council Since His Arrest in September is a night to remember; With Video

Okay, well first off I know everyone wants to see the video below before seeing Phyllis Holly-Ward snap Mayor Mack back to reality.

Roy Sumners who did some lucrative flooring work for Mayor Mack's Learning Centers (aka libraries) was leaving City Council Chambers when he approached and exchanged words with Mayor Assistant Anthony "I'll get back to you on that" Roberts.

Sumners invited Roberts to fight outside of chambers, Roberts obliged, Roberts did not get the attention of police or security, he simply walked out with Sumners egging on a confrontation.

I got the attention of Detective Alexis Durlacher, she ran ahead of me in the hall and separated the two after she saw Sumners push Roberts. As I see her now trying to keep Sumners back and no Park Rangers were helping her, I ran back into Council Chambers to get one of her brothers in blue; SRGT. Adrian Mendez who quickly responded with Park Ranger "Grace" and together they ejected Sumners from the building.

When I asked Durlacher why she didn't eject Roberts as well because he was seemingly encouraging a physical altercation she replied "Sumners is drunk or high on something, he was the problem."

Although as you will see in the videos of the Mayor's appearance below, Roberts interrupted an exchange between councilman Zach Chester and the Mayor.

It was a busy night for Durlacher, she had to deal with a few other incidents of unruly activity from the gallery of Mack Cronies sandwiched with Mack critics. You may be particularly interested in the first video of Mack's appearance below because City Council President Phyllis Holly-Ward slams the gavel down on Mack and tells him to....well....just watch. 

Below is Mack's full appearance. I am working on uploading the public comment portion now. Check back in a few hours for that. Also, I had audio problems again last night (with the live-stream not the videos below), a big thanks to the city clerk for letting me plug into her audio mixer but the websites (two) I use to live-stream were acting up, I will work out the bugs by tomorrow night's meeting.

Public Comment Portion Below

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