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Thursday, January 3, 2013

City Council Afterthoughts...With Video of Public Comments.

Trenton City Council Members

First and foremost, Anthony "I'll get back to you on that" Roberts called in sick and weaseled his way out of appearing before council to answer questions regarding the bust of President Obama in the City Hall Atrium. Westward Councilman Zachary Chester said he wants a 'doctors note' lol, yes we really do laugh out loud at council meetings and that was one that got a good laugh....a 'doctors note' ...funny.

Of course Chester was trying to be funny, he said it with a whimsy seriousness. Resolution 13-12 was pulled by Chester because the company Hatch Mott MacDonald was one of the donors to the Obama bust...which Chester again asserted that this contractor and three other contractors who donated to the bust are violating the Pay-To-Play Law. City Attorney Peter Cohen said that he has not looked into it yet which drew an overwhelming feeling of discontent from those who attended the meeting. I was asking myself the same thing Chester was and everyone else in that room was. "What the fuck do we have lawyers for if they are not going to make sure the city complies with the law?" Where the fuck is Marc McKithen when you need him? Oh that's right, he was forced out for being honest.

Public comment was calm for the most part. Council members listened and did not engage in any arguing with citizens which was refreshing but they also did not answer or could not answer several questions posed to them by the public. Marge Berkyheiser, Darren Freedom Green, Jim Golden, Tracey Syphax, and others spoke on moving forward, what ails our city and uniting to cure the ailments. I share those sentiments which is why I started this blog.

The meeting went quick again, we were done around 7PM and like I always say, I am just happy to get home by 8PM. Everyone was surprisingly cordial and polite to one another even under the pressure we all feel as Trentonians, I love that. We have tremendous resolve in this city and I think now that Mack has been Indicted and it is not looking good for him for the next 10 to 15 years of his life---people are more content, they feel hope for the future. It starts at the top, the sooner Mack is out of office the better.

An Ordinance to reduce the mayors salary resulted in the same deadlocked 4-3 vote even though the language was changed, Eastward Councilwoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson--who holds the all powerful veto-proof vote---voted no. It was just the first reading, let's see if we can change her mind by the second reading and vote.

Shockingly it was announced by Council President Phyllis Holly-Ward that the Administration sent her a letter stating that they will be terminating their contract with IT Services provider ADPC on January 12th----not this again--fuck--we had this fight already---and won--in a court of law. Holly-Ward asked City Attorney Cohen what is going to happen on Jan 12th? Cohen responded that ADPC may stay on until a resolution is passed and a plan is devised, it has been Mack's intention since he lost the court battle over the IT issue to move IT Services in-house which he stated at a Mill Hill town hall meeting would only cost $250,000. I think the DCA is going to have to step in here.....I will be sending a communication to DCA chief Tom Neff and advise my fellow citizens to do so as well. 

Information Technology is no joke, it is vital to the City Governments function-ability. Mack is going to screw everything up on his way out the door and we have to stop it. People suggested that we take our attention off of Mack and put it on crime and the people of this city, I say we should do both because Mack is a 'person committing crime in this city'-- if you take your eyes off him for a second you are a stupid fool, if he ever enters your house to use the bathroom you better check his pockets before he leaves, he is as crooked as a snake when it slithers.

Nobody from the administration was in attendance to answer questions that some Council members still have left over from 2012, a lot of good questions that need answers! 

And so the wheels turn.....ever so slowly, in which direction, I cannot discern.
  Video of public comments are below.

Peace Trenton.

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