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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

City Council Afterthoughts

Trenton City Council Members

Well very few folks were able to attend last nights Council meeting so it went rather quickly due to a few things: the minutes were finally accepted by City Council and are completely up to date (congratulations City Clerk's Office); there were only a few public speakers and Council breezed through the docket.

     The only resolution pulled for a hearing was # 12-683, the liquor license renewal of a pocket liquor license held by Michael Matucheck. As you may recall Mr. Matucheck had Juan Martinez speak on his behalf before Council regarding opening another 'trouble bar' at the intersection of Anderson and Hudson streets in the City's Chambersburg section. 

     Martinez testified to Council that he "had no financial interest in the bar whatsoever." He lied, which is why I am no fan of his and do not trust him.

     One interesting point is that some bids such as the one for Municipal Court language translation services are being rejected because the State of New Jersey DCA is taking too long to approve them, the bids have to be approved within 60-days of it's submission although a 60-day extension can be requested.

      Kathy McBride wants the community to know that there will be an Open House for Trenton City Hall's Multi-Cultural Holiday Display in the Atrium Wednesday December 19th and toys that were collected by Trenton firefighters will be handed out to children who attend, it starts at 5PM sharp.

      I spoke and weighed in on a couple of matters, first about the plaque on the Obama bust in the City Hall Atrium and I also weighed in on Councilman George Muschal undermining Trenton Police Director Ralph Rivera in the press. Council has repeatedly stated how they loathe the Mack administration communicating with them through the media/press yet Councilman Muschal is doing the same thing with regard to Rivera.

     Unfortunately I felt like Clint Eastwood speaking to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention because neither of the two men were present for the meeting last night. A video of my comments is below.
Multi Cultural Holiday Display Flier

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