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Friday, November 2, 2012

City Council Afterthoughts, Budget Meeting Dates, Mayor Mack Vetoed the Ordinance to Slash his Salary, With Video.

Trenton City Council

Mayor Mack's press release today started out with the line "I would like to take this time, again, to commend Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Qareeb Bashir for his leadership during this natural disaster." << This statement directly contradicts Mayor Mack's assertion that he has been at the helm throughout the horror-show-for-Halloween nicknamed "Frankenstorm" but known to those Trentonians still without power and in turmoil as Hurricane Sandy.

It is abundantly clear that Business Administrator Sam Hutchinson (who also consulted with former Public Works Director Eric Jackson when he couldn't reach the Mayor), City Directors and City Council members were the ones on the frontlines looking out for us, at best, Mack was simply kept abreast of the work other people were doing.

The salary-cut ordinance was first read way before Hurricane Sandy hit so Mack is the one who is playing politics during a calamity NOT City Council. Also in his statement he states he updated his Facebook status a dozen or more times, the only problem with that is that Mack unfriends anyone who disagrees with how is that effective? Besides I would be ashamed to  have him in my friends list. On Facebook, I am actually "friends" with the people in my "friends list" and I am no friend of Tony Mack in any way, shape or form.

Either way Fire Director Bashir wants the public to be made clear of one thing "don't use electric or gas heaters inside the home and if you absolutely must; use radiator-type heaters."

Okay, now to City Council business. Below is a Flip-Clip of Council President Holly-Ward stating how dismayed she is over the fact that Council members (specifically East Ward Councilwoman Reynolds-Jackson in this clip) are "arguing for a man who isn't even here to argue for himself."

Reynolds-Jackson then goes into a rant and suggests that "we pay Mayor Mack to go away." No seriously, she actually suggested that, watch for yourself. 

None of it matters for now because Mack vetoed the Ordinance today.

I did not get a whole lot of Flip video of the Ordinance arguments but I do have plenty of Public Comment videos. Also last nights recording only streamed, it did not record. The site I am using ( is an upstart that is in Beta Mode and still working out bugs, it may pop up at a later time but as of now, it is not up on the site. The Flip-Clips I have should give you the gist of how the meeting went.

Below is Councilwoman At-Large Kathy McSnide's retort to retired TPD SRGT Russell. I did not catch Russell's full Public Comment because I was away from my camera but I can tell you that Russell basically lambasted McSnide for her comments to reporters that she is upset with Police Director Ralph Rivera JR's staff moves and specifically targeted Captain Paul Messina being transferred to head of patrol as she referred to him as "Captain Sleepy."

Russell spoke with unwavering confidence of the Police Director and said that the "dissention within the TPD" McSnide speaks of, has been going on for years. -----Message to SRGT Russell, you are a beautiful person, keep fighting the good fight! For whatever it's worth; I got your back!---

Below is something positive that kicked off Public Comment. The Coach of TCHS Debate Team addresses City Council.

Below Dion Clark broke my heart with his comments regarding Mayor Mack's salary. He isn't the first person I voted for that I now regret voting for and he won't be the last. Clark seems to have a problem letting the 2010 defeat to Verlina Reynolds-Jackson go.

Clark brought up the ATV & Dirtbike debate and West Ward Councilman Zachary Chester defended himself when Clark suggested that meeting with these vehicle users was wrong, that there is nothing to talk about.

Chester retorted that he will meet with any constituents who require a meeting and detailed what occurred at the meeting. He also stated that the State of New Jersey is supposed to designate three locations where ATV & Dirtbike riders can ride their vehicles legally, yet the State has failed to do so.

Shaheed Morris commends Sam Hutchinson, the Police & Fire Departments and Retired SRGT Carol Russell below.

Jim Carlucci Addresses City Council and refutes claims that the Ordinance to reduce our absentee Mayor's salary is punitive, rather, if the shoe fits.....

Budget Meeting Notice Notice of Reschedule

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