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Monday, September 17, 2012

Keeping the Arts Alive in Trenton; Sage Coalition. Live-Streaming City Council meetings is down for the count.

Trenton City Council

First off, the City Clerk bought a new mixer for the microphones in City Council Chambers and last time I was there to live-stream the meeting she would not allow me to plug into the mixer to get good audio because she didn't know how it would affect her own recording which indeed is more important than mine. She was not even willing to perform a test with us both plugged into the mixer to ascertain whether or not we can both get the audio we both needed.    

I have received many complaints about "good audio" and the only way to get "good audio" is to plug into the Clerk's mixer. So unless City Council members step in and ask the clerk to perform such a test with the mixer, my live-stream ambitions are all but dead.

The only other option is to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a professional camera and mic like those you see professional T.V. news outlets with. The huge room is hard to record in because of the high ceiling and acoustics.

I could always attend the meeting and get some video clips with my Flipcam and include them with my thoughts and commentary about the meeting in a post the day after but that would be redundant considering Trenton has two newspapers already covering and reporting on the Council meetings.

Also, although Mack used the term "irresponsible blogger's" << PLURAL (meaning Christine Ott, Kevin Moriarty, Jim Carlucci and myself) and then followed that up with "one of which is sitting here tonight" referring to Jim Carlucci who was the only one of us bloggers in attendance that evening.......the "S" << plural....has disappeared from Mack's statement over time and Carlucci has become "The Irresponsible Blogger" and Jim has a facebook page called "Fans of Trenton's Irresponsible Blogger" and he offers real time updates on the page via his phone during the council meeting on the facebook page, some of you might want to join that group page to receive real-time updates on the nights that City Council meetings occur.

You can join that group by going HERE

Or you can simply attend the meetings which would be a breath of fresh air; to see our citizens actually attending these meetings that directly impact their quality of lives.

The Sage Coalition is what's left of Trenton Atelier and they are a group who are desperately trying to keep the Arts alive here in Trenton. You can help by attending their upcoming event; all of the info for that event is in the above flyer. See you there!

Peace Trenton.  

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