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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trenton African American Pride Festival Today!!

      Today I will be watching a childhood favorite band...Brand Nubian performing their hit's like "Slow Down" and I can't wait.

     Last year L.A. Parker, who said he was inspired to lead the effort for the TAAPF by my effort to save the Trenton St. Patrick's Day Parade, wrote a post-festival column and stated that he didn't see many White people there and wrote that he hopes that changes next year (paraphrasing). 

     I certainly express the same sentiment. Let's not forget about the word "American" in this festival's's for all of us: Whites, Latinos, Asians, Arab and any mixture you can think of..ALL of us. 

    So let's all get together today and enjoy this wonderful new Trenton tradition!

Trenton African American Pride Festival Entertainment Roster
Showtyme & the Revival
Romell Calhoun
Bradd Marquis
Hip Hop
Brand Nubian
Black Collar Biz
Elus Tri-Boro “winners of NYC Underground Rap 2011″
Poppa Wu of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan
Shavar Rush
Narubi Selah (Poet)
IMD (poet)
Reggie Walker (poet)
Sam Frisby & friends (gospel)
Multicultural Rhythms
Machuco Trabuco band (Cuban/African rhythms)
Unity African Dance –Sierra Leone
Egun Omode
Legacy (dance crew)
Devastation (dance crew)
SWAG (dance/sing)
Dr Jerry Washington
Ivy Avery (Harriet Tubman)
Chuck (Civil War)
Sword demo

Peace Trenton.

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