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Friday, July 27, 2012

Trenton Police Release List of Their Finest Remaining Anonymous While Falsifying Police Reports

 Below is a list of disciplined Trenton Police officers, the list only includes the most serious that result in a 10-day suspension or more. There is a hell of a lot of Police wrong doing we don't know about.

The public should have the right to know about all discipline handed out to Civil Servants and for what offense.

Falsifying a police report is a criminal act that you are prosecuted for, unless you are a cop of course.

Trenton Police Internal Affairs Summary Report


  1. Bobby, don't you realize you're irrelevant? You have no credibility and no one cares what you say.

  2. Thank you for your opinion you crooked scumbag police officer.I have good news, new laws are being drafted to make Police departments expose even more of their dirty laundry and man that laundry stinks.

    Happy days ahead!