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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

City Council Afterthoughts

Trenton City Council

Well after starting out arguing because as always Former City Council President Kathy McSnide set the tone from the door; contentious, after the acrimony the City Council meeting finally got under way.

The reason for the contention was because Marge Caldwell-Wilson who clearly asked for and was given the floor from former President McSnide, tried to move a motion which was seconded by George Muschal to rearrange the agenda and move the vote for Council President and Vice-President up because Muschal had to leave at 7pm and wanted to be present for the vote on this issue.

McSnide got all loud and said she refuses to recognize the motion because she did not give Caldwell-Wilson the floor. (Hey Kathy, check my video, you did acknowledge Ms Caldwell-Wilson but the City Clerk was walking away to retrieve the Public Comment sheet and your short attention span and memory forgot that you acknowledged Ms Caldwell-Wilson once the City Clerk returned moments later and Ms. Caldwell-Wilson tried to proceed with moving the motion for vote).

Either way it later was moved up just before the Advice & Consent for the Judges only because Councilwoman and new Council President as of June 30th, Phylis Holly-Ward (congratulations President Holly-Ward, meetings will be much more bearable with you as President), when she had the floor, introduced the same motion and succeeded in getting council to vote on it.

First McSnide nominated Verlina Reynolds-Jackson to be president (Mack cronies stick together) that was voted down quickly, lol, and then Muschal nominated Holly-Ward and she was voted in successfully.

For Vice-President, McSnide nominated Alex Bethea (Mack cronies stick together), who never knows whats going on and talks forever when he gets the floor! ---That was quickly shot down and so was a nomination for Zachary Chester, so Trenton City Council, as of June 30th will have no Vice-President.

Judges Rodney Thompson and John F. McCarthy III were confirmed upping the number of Trenton Municipal Judges to four, three full time and one part time. With that many Judges on the bench and so little tickets and summons being handed out, the backlog should disappear rather quickly and then we will be paying four Judges six-figure salaries for......... what?

I recorded some of the arguing between council members with my Flipcam, the footage is below.

For the entire City Council Meeting, minus the vote on the very long docket go to:  

The above link will take you to a long video with poor audio. I am working with a new streamer and wasn't plugged into the clerk's mixer so that only the mics in the City Council Chambers could be heard. 

Thursday's meeting will be better audio-wise because I will plug into the mixer, video-wise I think has much better quality video than Ustream so I am on the right track (no commercials!), just give me a chance to work out the kinks. I promise my streams will get better and will include interviews as well, the whole project is still a work in progress.

Also I promise that I will not stop live-streaming again, not while Mack's in office. I will continue to live-stream through my college semesters, but, you guys HAVE to tune in to start watching because I can see how many people are watching and if it's only me or only me and one other person it just makes my effort somewhat worthless, although, I am creating a video archive of Trenton City Council meetings and that may be important in the future if it isn't already.

There will be more interaction as well, I can chat with you as your watching with me in a text chat box. You can ask me to turn the camera a certain direction or suggest I interview someone etc..etc..

I would like to develop a decent live-stream that will gain a strong following of over 100 loyal viewers, that's my goal anyway.

Also, want to buy some property cheap? below, at the bottom, is the City of Trenton Tax Sale List, all 66-pages off it.

Peace Trenton.

Tax Sale List 061912


  1. I'd watch the live stream more if the meetings were audible. Right now they're unbearable and not worth the struggle.

  2. Please give me one more shot on Thursday nights meeting. The audio will be better!