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Friday, June 8, 2012

City Council Afterthoughts, Among Other Things.

     Well, to start with, I attended a press conference by the TPD to help a friend of mine at WZBN at 3:30pm. Everyone was there except of course our diligent leader the Dishonorable Mayor Mack. He later stated to City Council that he didn't want to outshine his new police director......I think it's because he requires an appearance fee and the TPD didn't ante up the fee.

    Also at the press conference it was confirmed that a Trenton Police officer was arrested for a D.U.I. this past Tuesday night but Chief of Staff Adrian Mendez said that he could not comment further citing an ongoing Internal Affairs investigation.

     The best news delivered was that the coward snipers who tried to put two City Police officers in their graves have been arrested and it's no surprise that they are Bloods gang members.

     One was a juvenile (17), the other guy is 23 and was recently arrested for a shooting on the same street as the ambush on police occurred; Stuyvesant Ave.

     The adult is supposed to be arraigned in Trenton Municipal court this morning.

     I wasn't taking notes and don't have video so I don't recall the adult shooters name or the names of the two patrol officers who spotted him and placed him under arrest without incident. The local newspapers should have those names.

    Nobody has claimed the $20,000 PBA reward money that was offered after the incident occurred, although, it was emphasized that members of the public were a great deal of help with regard to identifying the suspects. Good job TPD and the citizens of Trenton working together! I love it.

     After the press conference I headed over to City Hall to cover the City Council meeting. The meeting started at 4:30pm rather than the usual 5:30pm because Mack was appearing before Council for a public question and answer session.

     I tried a new audio solution that is basically a cord that plugs into the City Clerk's sound-recording-mixer, in that instance you basically get everything said into the microphones before every council person and at the podium. But, and yes there is a but, people tend to speak too close or too far from the microphone and you either get no sound or a muffled-type sound or worse; static or feedback.

     I really prefer my webcam mic, it picks up everything, either way to view the 5-hours of video just click the City Council picture to your right at the top of this page.

     As far as Flip-cam video (which is awesome,) I am so rusty from the time off, I forgot that Youtube only allows me to upload 15-minutes worth of video at a I have some good video but I have to edit them down to the best 15-minute's worth of footage in each one and I will post them here later after that is done.

     I will skip the Mack hour because he is a complete idiot who has no clue as to what is happening around him.

     City Council convened and as always Council President Kathy McSnide set the tone of the meeting; contentious.

     Every single meeting she's trying to kick someone out of council chambers, last night it was Mack and McSnides punching bag of an irresponsible blogger Jim Carlucci.

     Jim kept nodding his head in agreement or disagreement to words being publicly spoken by another human-being, something I do often as well. But, and there's always a but, according to McSnide, Carlucci's actions were "distracting."

     I won't comment any further as to the exchange between the two but suffice it to say; Jim stood up to her, she backed down, Jim remained in his seat, the wrong seat I might add, if anyone in this city should be on that City Council it should be Jim Carlucci, his brain exceeds the capacity of at least three council members...and...."they" know who "they" are.

     McBride, Bethea and Verlina Reynolds-Jackson are "they", they are Mack cronies. Reynolds-Jackson to my astonishment did not even ask the Mayor about his deteriorating-safety-hazard of a house that he owns in HER Ward while she had the chance to do so publicly.

    These three need to go right along with Mack in 2014, they disgust me.

    Then Council President McSnide's phone rang loudly, she dug into her purse (which took awhile) read the message and responded to it all while council is in session.

     McSnide later leaves and Vice President Marge Caldwell-Wilson took over the meeting and thank God. She should be the Council President, she really keeps it pushing and moving along. It was refreshing.

     I feel sorry for Marge, I know that Mack cronies are grooming someone to unseat her in 2014 but hopefully North Ward Trenton voters won't allow that to happen.

     Other highlights: Hall was voted out by council-BOOTED, so was Melendez but Mack can simply reinstate them for another 90-days so it's only a brief victory.

      All of the other Acting Directors had their 90-day deadline extended by council except Ruth Carter for Health and Human services.

     Judges Harold George and Gregory Williams were reappointed as municipal Judges for the City of Trenton.

     A long-winded Alex Bethea stated he liked Police director Rivera because he bought him lunch and later stated that he hopes his grateful students would grow up to buy him lunch or dinner one day...umm Odd much?

     My Flip-Cam videos didn't come out as expected so, sorry, no video aside from the entire broadcast on ustream.

Peace Trenton.

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