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Friday, June 22, 2012

CEO Hope AKA Shuantae Bellamy

CEO Hope aka Shuantae Bellamy

CEO Hope is someone who has been glued to Mayor Mack's side in recent weeks and he is now a volunteer at Mack's West Trenton Learning Center.

Below is video of CEO Hope at last Tuesday's City Council meeting during public comment. Notice how he starts out calling Mack's Learning Centers; "Learning Centers" and then proceeds to refer to them as "Libraries" several times.

Also notice how he chastises Councilman Chester for not visiting the Learning Center. Hey Shuantae, the Learning Centers violate State Law, If Mr. Chester visits and condones the Learning Center he is complicit in the breaking of a NJ Law. Just saying......also Council President McSnide later threatened to kick him out because he was yelling from the gallery as City Council members discussed something and it was after the "public comment" portion of the meeting.

He also claims to have had a V.I.P. meeting with Governor Christie, is the guy working with Amazon to bring them to Trenton and at a previous Council meeting which I have footage of, he claims to have President Obama's personal cellphone number on speed-dial, among other things.

I am not going to waste my time researching any of his claims.

CEO Hope June 19th, 2012

This same guy is the guy who I got into a heated argument with at Mayor Mack's Mill Hill Town Hall meeting, I got upset because everyone i.e. JoJo, some guy named Valero who is a former TPD SRGT, were answering questions that citizens were posing to the Mayor, so I said "let Mack answer the questions himself" and Mack said "maintain yourself Rob" to which I responded "yea I'll maintain something!"

Then CEO Hope jumps into the fray between the Mayor and myself and said......well..... just watch the video below. It got bad enough where Darren Freedom Green and CAPT. Armitage had to get in between us.

Later, after he asked Acting Law Director Walter Denson to get up on stage and berated him, Mack had to ask CEO Hope to calm down several times before he actually did.

This man has a temper, he shows it below, why is he watching over our children at these Law Breaking Learning Centers?

CEO Hope loses his composure.

CEO Hope aka Shuantae Bellamy


  1. CEO Dope is a two-bit street hustler and con man. His many delusions of grandeur (i.e., lying his wannabe gangsta ass off) are highly indicative of serious mental illness:

    "Grandiose delusion or delusions of grandeur is principally a subtype of delusional disorder (GD) that can occur as a wide range of mental illness, including in two thirds of those in manic state of bipolar disorder, half those with schizophrenia and a substantial portion of those with substance abuse disorders."

  2. Tell me about it, I have experienced delusions of grandeur before, with my last one, I ended up on the front page and hospitalized. It's no fun.

    I Wonder what his diagnosis is? I know schizophrenia when I see it and I am ruling that out, maybe bi-polar? Mania?

    Further reason he should not be babysitting our children at these "Learning Centers."

  3. I'm not trying to make light of legitimate mental illness. This guy's schtick goes way beyond typical ghetto "puffery" (e.g., calling yourself a "chef," when you really just work the counter at Columbus International Pizza I - see also White, Brian), and I think he has a serious problem. It could be something on the manic-depressive spectrum, and it could also be the end result of a lifetime of drug abuse.

  4. I think CEO Hope is doing a good job with the children at the library and he needs more support not people sitting on there behinds and talking about what they will do how about putting it in action!!!

  5. I'm all for action, as long as it's legal, these "learning Centers" are not legal.If you have seen Hope in action, and he is good with the kids, then that's something I am happy to hear(:

  6. WOW! Robert...I just got 1 question for you & your team of reporters/bloggggers how come no one has come to me ask me to produce factual information, phone calls, pics, videos, degrees and etc.? I have not an issue to produce my backings and YES I was with the Pres. before he was in that seat well as Joe B., I was also on Geraldo Rivera, Oprah and etc. How about me and you meet up and you interview and I bring the facts to the table and you let the camera roll and I will also bring in my camera so you cant chop nothing off! Far as MENTAL matters and etc I lol at that foolishness! No attention needed for such useless matter. Again how about you or whom ever interview me and make me produce FACTS!! Also, there is no LAW that stops me from working with KIDS did you look up the fact that I own a DAYCARE here in the city well as youth programs in PA, DE & MD...You can not name NO ONE other then me in this city who has/had a building with 100+ kids for over 2yrs Im at 11 yrs strong and the Kids and Parents LOVE ME!!! Also, lets talk about the GOV. how about you go look at the papers and see us there, go look at his run for the state house or my youtube videos and see who's there or better yet how about you join me in my next visit with him and Im sure they would allow you to record it. Robert I have not an issue to be open and HONEST with you!

  7. Brian White is the real one that needs investigating. He not only calls himself a "chef" when all he did was make pizza, but he also calls himself a librarian when all he did was work as a clerk at the library for a few months before being asked to leave for suspected theft. Brian White is full of himself -- a liar and a possible thief. He is running the learning centers... give me a break.

  8. It is sad that we are so concerned about our children and leave them to people like this man CEO and the other people who are running and tutoring the children in these illegal "learning centers". Background checks should be done on some of these jokers.

  9. People are all just getting on CEO Hope. Really ? He cares for these children.

  10. "Hope" shontae bellamy is a scoflaw! Wilmington beware!