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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Two Cents

I took some time off from blogging as I get settled into my last semester at MCCC. I have not been live-streaming city council meetings but have been following Matt Fair's reporting on the meetings.

First let me say, Matt Fair from the Times is probably the best reporter to ever cover city council meetings in my opinion. His reporting is causing change for the better in our community and that's the best kind of reporting there is.

Matt Fair from the Times of Trenton

I also wanted to add my two cents about a couple of things.
Alysia Welch-Chester

George Muschal calling for an investigation as to whether Zachary Chester shared an official email with his wife Alysia is ridiculous, considering the fact that Georges wife is the one who handles all of Georges email. George is a hypocrite.

And what does it matter if Mrs. Chester was paid (which she was not!) for her services? She is helping the community, leave the woman alone.

Lastly I totally agree and am all for Mack and his cronies having their salaries decreased. There is a precedence for this type of action by City Council. It has happened in other towns.


I think the same argument for decreasing Mack's salary is the same argument for not increasing Mack's salary; PERFORMANCE.

Peace Trenton.

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