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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Acting Inspections Director Cleveland Thompson Suspended

Update 2: 02/28/2012 The DCA has "no comment" on the matter and Matt Fair from the Times of Trenton was able to get some new details HERE

UPDATE: 02.27/2012.....apparently Mack has reversed course and un-suspended Mr. Thompson. DCA spokeswoman Lisa Ryan wasn't available for comment today. I will follow up on Tuesday.

Sources at City Hall have reported that Acting Inspections Director Cleveland Thompson has been suspended, most likely because Mr. Thompson blew the whistle to the press about all of the money the City is losing out on because Trenton does not have a plumbing inspector.

The article that put a target on Mr. Thompson's back is HERE most Trentonians support Mr. Thompson and appreciate his candor but it appears, as usual, the Mack administration does not.

The Mack administration has made no official comment on the action...begging the question "so who is in charge of the Inspections Department now?"

I will check with the DCA on Monday to find out whats next? Does DCA have other applicants for this position? If so, who is it and when do they begin?

Or more importantly, can the DCA stop yet another vindictive firing/suspension/forced resignation of yet another honest and outspoken Director.

Cleveland Thompson


  1. This is truly a good and honest person who cares about trenton. Some of the individuals who work and cover their true feelings about such a beautiful city in their suits,are not identified but the ones who are honest get suspended. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MR.T. We love you!

  2. Mr Thompson is a crooked scumbag with the brain power of an imp. Hes prejudice and the dumb ass who left the comment above probably doesn't Her ass from a hole in the ground. If we keep electing officials like this baboon we will never rebuild Trenton, it is in shambles. He runs the inspections department like a bully would run a schoolyard until the smallest guy pops him in the face. Mr scumbag, Thompson needs the proverbial punch in the nose and eventually this goon will be disposed of like the trash he is.The time is ticking scumbag look for a job that better suits you, maybeeeee Burgerking. Better yet head douche bag is better, your definitely qualified for that.

    You know who I am

    1. You are a pathetic assclown to critisize Mr. T like that and hide behind the anonymity of the internet. You are an uneducated lout who seriously needs to have your proverbial jaw broken. Mr. Thompson may be tough but he is fair to attack his intelligence and integrity is a huge shot in the dark you obviously must be a contractor who performed some shoddy work and got caught by Mr. Thompson, or you are a student that was too stupid to pass his class. Why don't you grow a pair and put your name to comment that attacks someone the way yours did you pathetic little whelp.