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Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Annual Latino American Heritage Festival is Going on now!....until 7pm and It's a Great Success!!

The first ever Latino-American Heritage Festival was a resounding success! Held at Columbus Park on Hamilton Ave, the festival heralded beautiful people, food and culture.

What it was lacking was this: An amusement park type atmosphere with beer, rides and games, without that persona, the crowd was not overcome by teenage wannabe thugs who drink under age, fight and ruin the event for all of us.

Much like The African Heritage Festival recently held at Cadwalader Park in West Trenton, the Latino Heritage Festival focused on God, Family and pride in oneself.

Half of my family is Puerto Rican through marriage and they have embraced me as if we were a family raised in the same household. I love my Spanish side of the family and have never been ashamed to stand with them through the good the bad and the ugly. I would stand in front of a bullet for anyone of them.

Right now it's ugly; why? Because Trenton has lost it's Puerto Rican Day Parade for two-straight-years ...We Must Save that parade and keep that and ALL proud traditions that celebrate Trenton's diverse ethnicity, whether an old tradition or new.........ALIVE! We just absolutely must.

Big shout out to both Carlos Avila's who did a fantastic job helping this new tradition establish itself and hopefully this begins a tradition we can look forward to every year!

Video of the event is below, it is going on until 7pm if you want to stop by.



  1. Thanks Rob for coming out and delivering the news to all Trentonians. As a Latino we hope everyone enjoys our culture, family values and spirit of joy. Just like the Irish, Hungarian and Italian immigrants have lifted Trenton, so we hope to lift it to be a place of opportunity and progress. I look forward to working with you an all stakeholders to make sure the Latino community does its part to make Trenton a better City.
    God bless man,
    Carlos Avila

  2. Today We the Trenton Associations and the Latin American people have reazon to be thankful for all support we have from all the people who attend the festival. Our First Latin Festival of Trenton was only with one idea to rescue our values and culture making a comitment to show up for our future children our values. Meanwhile, it was great having a group running strong and in a right direction, only with one idea gave to our people self confident, feel that our community can work togheter and make Trenton a great place to live.
    Laura Leal
    Costa Rican Civic Association