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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

City Council Afterthoughts-----One year anniversary of Trenton United

Tune in tonight at 5:30 for my live-stream of tonight's City Council meeting:

Well first off, my apologies for cutting the live-stream three-hours in. I have to reset the "record" function on every three hours and when I do so, I also have to re-embed the broadcast into my post. I forgot the latter detail. You can watch both recordings on the Ustream Trenton United page HERE

Today is my one-year anniversary of starting this blog and I thank all of my readers! You are what keeps me going, you are what got me through my recent mental-breakdown. And I have your back!

Comment of the night, goes to Marge Caldwell-Wilson "if Mack turns down the 22-million, I will help the recall committee get signatures myself."

Kathy McSnide is not only the worst Trenton resident who has ever lived, she is also the worst councilwoman and Council President EVER!

First she had a sit-down before the council meeting with homophobic Sodom and Gomorrah preaching bigot Monroe Laramore aka "The Black-Archie-Bunker," because the bigot wanted more than three-minutes to preach and spew his anti-homosexual rhetoric and how homosexuals are the problem with not only Trenton; but the entire World and how homosexuality will ultimately lead to the destruction and extinction of the human race. Their pre-meeting pow wow is in the video below and Monroe Laramore is the old elf in the red skull cap to hide his hideous bald dome.

Before the bigot stepped to the podium, LT. Keifer from the TPD (who was recently demoted to SRGT) stepped to the podium and explained how the Trenton Police Department is in turmoil. As Keifer approached his allotted three-minutes of speaking, McSnide blurted out "Three Minutes!" to everyone's dismay. 

I mean here you have a guy who took a demotion from Lieutenant to SRGT and took the time to report to council the status of the TPD and the Council President is making him limit his comments to three minutes?


So when the homophobic verbal homo-basher, whose name I will no longer print, took to the podium, I timed his hate rhetoric with my Flipcam and watched as his three-minute time limit came and went. After waiting until three-minutes and twelve seconds, I finally blurted out "Three Minutes!" really loud.

To which the bigot responded that he was "pretty much done" and to which Kathy McSnide responded to me "Mr. Chilson, don't make me kick you out of here" lol, to which I responded "I was only trying to help." I recorded the bigot's comments but will never post his hate-rhetoric on this website. EVER.

Hey Kathy, if you are going to tell a man who puts his life on the line for us everyday to stick to the "three-minute" rule then you damn sure better hold an old ugly homophobic rhetoric spewer to the same frigging rule!

Then guess what Kathy McSnide does? have to guess.....because you won't believe it......go ahead I'll wait.


She answered her cell phone which was not silent or on vibrate during a council meeting, she didn't take the call but took and responded to a text message. Now you would think after the first embarrassing "loud music ringtone" incident she would put her phone on vibrate or silent or even turn it off so it doesn't happen again........ right?


Wrong, .............she didn't....... and it rang again! (check about 2-hours and 49-minutes into the first live-stream recording to witness the second text incident) she read and responded to the text again! Not once but twice, as council was seated and in session and as the council was handling city business.....Kathy McSnide, the council president, received and responded to two loud-phone-ringing text-messages and I think the messages were from two Mack supporters and employees sitting in the gallery telling her what to say next.

This woman seriously thinks her shit don't stink. Kathy, Kathy, are a scumbag. Period. And you act like your on your period every single fricking day! God as my witness..... I loathe this Ghetto Queen, she's a rude, gas face having, snide, tort, dictator!

Trenton, we have created one ugly ass monster and it's name is Kathy McBride aka Kathy McSnide!

Watch the full meetings, listen to what the people are saying, yea I know, it takes several hours out of your life but.....multi task, ....just watch the meeting as your cooking or reading a magazine or even playing solitaire but WATCH the full meetings, you won't believe the ego on this bedroom voice having, Mack-rubber-stamper named Kathy McBride, speaking of Mack, only he has an ego bigger than McSnide.

McSnide wanted to make a rule and implement it without the whole body voting on it, just her....making up a rule...and having it enforced by her chump-ass Park Strangers, I mean Rangers.

The rule? No citizen can sign up for public comment and be heard for three-minutes-- if they arrive late for a meeting and don't sign in by the time the meeting starts. McSnide also stated that "public comment is simply a kind gesture from your representatives."

"A kind gesture from our representatives?"

This woman is off her fricking meds, worse than me when I am walking around naked claiming to be Jesus, speaking of Jesus, "let us bow our heads in prayer" ---  "Please Lord I pray that you help Ms. Kathy McBride find the Wizard who may take pity on her and give her a brain. Amen."

Of course, the rest of City Council, well ......most of City Council....the good council members....the non-Mack-rubber-stampers...(Chester, Caldwell-Wilson, Holly-Ward and of course George Muschal)...out-voted the Monster McSnide and equally of course, several City residents who showed up late were heated that she would attempt to dictate such a rule, and I mean heated, ~I'm talking: campfire burning a lot of wood, in the middle of the Sierra Desert at 1pm in the afternoon, 180-degree weather~ HEATED.

Tracey Syphax and Jerrell Blakely minced no words......their video comments about the arbitrary rule are below.

Also below is a man named Minister Lee Ingram, a man who is misunderstood. Me being a schizophrenic, I am very partial to human beings who walk to the beat of a different drummer. People who don't fit the norm, who at first glance might be considered---estranged from society.

But we are not, in-fact, quite the opposite. We free thinking, strong willed, strange men and woman talk as we think, say whats on our minds, observe the "normal" folks and just wait and watch as their "normal world" slowly becomes one and whole with ours.

Myself?.... I am an observer. I like to watch something transpire, note details such as---the reactions on the faces of the people who are watching what is transpiring before their eyes, their reactions etc.....then I like to sum it up in my head, form an opinion and then write about it.

Like myself, who is diagnosed with some bullshit mental condition such as bi-polar, schizophrenia, ADHD and all those other labels that keep Psychiatrists and Psychologists earning a good living.......Lee Ingram (if he even has a diagnosis) speaks with emotion and with an inability to control it at times.

He is considered crazy and insignificant by the powers that be, but in the hood's of Trenton, he is known as a man of God, a man whose actions become words not vice-versa.

Lee is a good guy, and treated with some respect on the street even if thought to be a little off-the-wall by some, he rarely is disrespected on the streets of Trenton......that all changes when he walks into City Hall.

That's because Kathy McSnide doesn't care very much for Mr. Lee's company. Granted Lee often rambles on about Birth certificates and conspiracy theories but if you look past his human imperfections you will find a shining soul within.

Well, I ask you again.....................Guess What?.............................After Minister Lee finished his emotional three-minute public comment time allotment, a kind gesture extended to him by mizz president McSnide, McSnide beckoned loudly for several minutes yelling into her microphone "I need a guard!"

After noticing that none of the Park Rangers (one of whom is a known scumbag named Joe Brown) were not paying attention to Council Chambers because they were in the hallway (5 of them) talking about their lives and bonding, LT. Keifer and another TPD detective who attended council and were sitting in the audience did the Park Rangers job and talked Mr. Lee away from the podium which he had just previously refused to step away from.

He was then escorted out into the hallway where the Park Rangers were conversing and then later escorted out, un-cuffed and not under arrest, by two uniformed police officers called to City Hall by LT. Keifer. What you can't see in the video below is Zachary Chester rushing to stop dangerous and unstable Park Ranger Joe Brown from entering Council Chambers and making things worse.

In other council news, McSnide, through council aide Linda Kelsey, tried to arrange a 7am meeting between all 7 council members and mayor mack to discuss approving an emergency budget to keep the city running, the evening before the early morning meeting was to occur.

Then when the four council members who are not Mack's rubber stamps couldn't make the meeting on such short notice, McSnide publicly chastised them, and Bethea said it was "ironic" that the foursome were the only ones not to show up as Jackson, McSnide and Bethea did.

Holly-Ward said "what's ironic is the three council members who did show up." lol

Chester shot back at McSnide.. saying "I have a full time job and family to support and no professional I know ever gives such short notice for a meeting." Chester also recommended that as council president; McSnide should call each fellow council member personally, not send messages through an aide that can not answer any questions that may arise from such an early morning, last minute meeting request.

The last time the Budget was rammed down council's throats at the last minute and was approved because Mack would make city council look like the bad guys if the city were to shut down because they did not approve it......Mack had the audacity to state publicly during a council meeting to Chester "I find it troubling that you are questioning a budget you already approved, that means you did not pay attention to what you were approving."

At tonight's council meeting, Mr. Chester stated "I will never allow him to be able to stand at that podium and say that to me again."

Chris Christie crony David Rousseau (who is our finance director) stated that "Mack HAS NOT informed him of a definite decision to accept either 16-million or the 22-million our state is offering us in the form of Transitional Aid. The deal is this, Mack gets the 16-million no matter what, but to get the other 6-million, Mack would have to agree to allow a three-member panel to investigate and approve of Mack cabinet appointments.

Mack at a town-hall meeting Monday was heard saying that he is leaning towards only taking the 16-million. I guess Mack feels that all of his cabinet choices thus far have been up to par and he needs no assistance finding and keeping talented professionals in their respective fields?

Chester asked Acting City Law Director Walter Densen to research whether or not City Council can overide Mack's decision to only take 16-million in Transitional Aid, if that happens to be the decision Mack should rest at. Densen agreed to do so and report back to council with the verdict.

Listen, I know mental illness when I see it, and this midget mini-Mack got bumped in the head too much during his High School football days because man.....this dude is a psychotic, he is also the North end of a South bound horse.    

Although City Attorney Peter Cohen (who also stated that DCA chief Tom Neff and Mack are still negotiating) asked council to pull the resolution to approve an "emergency temporary budget" until Thursday's meeting, City Council voted that suggestion down, they then voted the Emergency Budget down. Both votes of course went like this: The three Mack rubber stamps voting for the budget and the four good, free thinking council members voting against.

I have wrote this before, and I will write it again..."Zachary Chester can be my Mayor any day!"

Holly-Ward and Caldwell-Wilson expressed displeasure with an incident I didn't witness, apparently Reynolds-Jackson admonished her fellow council members during a rant at the last council meeting....darn! sorry I missed that!

Chester also put Harold Hall in his place and quick. Chester questioned resolution 11-669, another resolution by Hall with the word "Emergency" in it. Apparently every time Hall spends an absorbent amount of money and needs it quick he simply adds the word "Emergency" to it.

Chester got Hall to admit "it's not an emergency" during Chester's grilling of Hall on the resolution. The resolution was pulled because of Hall's incompetence. 

Hall also stated to Caldwell-Wilson that he "always takes the lowest bid" after Wilson requested that all bids be attached to all of his future resolutions, including the ones that are not accepted.

Hall does not always accept the lowest bid, in fact, for the "emergency" repairs on the wheelchair ramp at City Hall, Harold Hall specifically turned down a bid that was $10,000 lower than the winning Kris D Remodeling bid because he wrote...."I felt the bid was too low."

What? You thought the bid was too low? 

Harold Hall is a liar and a piece of shit thief who is about to be indicted. 

I will be there for the perp-walk Harold, I wouldn't miss it for the world! Get ready, because from what I hear, that indictment is coming sooner than later.

As all of you may know, I am the one who uncovered the Kris D Remodeling/Harold Hall relationship and took it to prosecutors, and man, the case was way bigger than I thought!

I should win some kind of "snitch of the year" award when this is all over, at least I hope I do.

Alex Bethea was confused as usual and had to ask the City Clerk Leona Baylor what he was voting on even though his peers just discussed what they were voting on for ten-minutes prior to the actual vote.

Bethea was also admonished by a former student of his for his statement to the press that "I will go along with whatever Mack's decision is" referring to taking either the 16 or 22 million dollars of state Transitional Aid. The video of Shaheed Morris is below.

Dion Clark speaks about a serious issue plaguing Trenton city streets: T.V.'s...........EVERYWHERE! 

Trenton resident Michael Walker voices his opinions, which I agree wholeheartedly with!

A couple of Occupy Trenton members speaks about state police injustice:

Cordelia Stanton also spoke on several issues:

Finally, Kathy McSnide reported to her fellow council members that Thomas Neff and his transitional aid team have agreed to attend Thursday nights executive session to discuss the mess that Mack's stubborn ego has caused and to attempt to explain the MOU in further detail. 

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