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Thursday, October 20, 2011

City Council Afterthoughts October 20th, 2011

Firstly, where is Lauren Ira? She hasn't been seen at City Hall for weeks. Is she hiding her pregnancy? Where are you Lauren? Are we paying you to not be at City Hall?

Secondly, I am working on the audio, I need a certain cord from Radio Shack and will get it by the next City Council meeting.

Thirdly, I lied, I am going back on my word, I am going to post Mr. Monroe Laramore's bigotry on my blog.

Only because I feel the need to show the City of Trenton the type of man that is holding not only our city, but our Country and World back with his Archie Bunker bigotry.

First he commends Council President Kathy McSnide for her arbitrary rule making process, regarding the three minute per citizen rule but then said that I shouldn't have stopped him at three minutes last meeting...So which is it Mr. Bigot? Three minutes for everyone else and unlimited minutes for you? You're a hypocrite!...... And then the bigot/hypocrite put his "too big for his head" monster nose up Alex Bethea's ass....then....he crossed the line.

He actually tried to blame the "saggy pant's, pant's on the ground trend" on Homosexuality. In Fact Mr. Laramore believes that Homosexuality is going to make the Human Race become extinct. LOL

I couldn't help myself, I signed up to speak and I let that old "Archer Bunker bigot" know what I thought of him and his opinion. All the law ever requires is that we cover up our nudity, it does NOT dictate what clothes we should use to do so.

Last I checked, boxer shorts or underwear cover up your nudity. It's a style and trend that young people use to rebel and express themselves with, and Freedom of Expression (which we Americans cherish) allows our youth to do just that; express themselves.

Here's his video first:


Michael Walker distributed the following newsletter at City Council this evening:

Michael Walker's newsletter page 2

L.A. Parker invited Michael to be a guest on his radio program and Walker agreed, I will report the day and time and link so that you can listen to the show. L.A. Parker's stance is that we should fix the police we have first, and get the police to police the police who police our community, and I agree 100%.....we have cops on the force who abuse the rights of the citizens they are sworn to protect and that needs to be addressed.

It should be an interesting debate between the two great minds. Michael Walkers comments to City Council this evening are below.

Kevin Moriarty delivered an outstanding speech:

Patricia Stewart:

Darren Freedom Green speaks at the lectern:

Harold Hall slipped out of City Hall at 4:30pm in casual attire and hopped into and drove away in a $90,000 BMW like the one in the picture below:

Harold Hall is living large off of us Trentonians!

Two individuals who came to Council's meeting tonight, who run the City's swimming pool program, claimed that they were shorted by $6,000 by Hall.

Zachary Chester then requested that the Acting Director's within the Mack Administration get Hall on the phone at the very least, that request was captured in the video below.

After several Acting Director's and others tried to reach Hall who would not answer any of his several phone numbers, Former Secretary, promoted to Acting Director of Recreation, Sonya (a close, special friend to Mayor Mack) Wilkens showed up to defend Hall.

Lastly, Zachary Chester introduced a resolution to support the City of Trenton accepting the 22-million in state aid, strings attached and all. The resolution passed with Bethea and McBride voting against supporting accepting the 22-million---with comment. 

The last minute resolution was introduced within earshot of Eric Berry and Tom Neff from the DCA DLGS who were waiting in the hallway for an executive session with council.

Matt Fair from the Times of Trenton pointed out to me that .....since the MOU with the state of NJ is a Collective Bargaining agreement, not officially a contract, the pow wow with DCA officials should have been held in front of the public, not in a closed door Executive Session. 

But Kathy McSnide is too dumb to know that.

Video of the resolution reading and vote is below:

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