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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Wonderful Experience at Classics New & Used Books on Warren St. (The unofficial library of Trenton)

Well, as always, it was another fantastic experience at Classics New & Used books. The type of experience that creates memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

I first met an author who lives in her own little world, (don't we all) but her world is filled with intrigue, magic and imagination. The self admitted Harry Potter junkie read excerpts from her book "The Book of Siavon, Volume 1, The Ruby Child."

I have to say - she was impressive although, "fantasy and science fiction" type books are not something I would call myself "an avid reader of."

The reading and short interview is below.

Up next, a man who is slowly restoring my faith in humanity, although Eric Maywar and several others do so as well, this man named Lak is not from Trenton, he lives in New Brunswick but he preaches the same gospel that always captivates my short attention span.

He is a modern day KRS1,a man (a lot like Common does as well) who is using his talent to educate people, especially our young people.

We debated several Urban issues, sagging pants etc, that affect not only the African-American community but also us White-boys and girls who are and have always been influenced by said community.

His educational Hip-Hop CD is available at Classic's for just $5 and I strongly urge all Hip-Hop parents to run and get it before they sell out.

Videos of the debate and interview are below.

Below is a Essay Contest for kid's of two different age-groups sponsored by Smart Music Entertainment.

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